Castle Assumburg (Heemskerk)

Castle Assumburg (Heemskerk)


Location: Heemskerk


Description of the Castle Assumburg

Heemskerk  Heemskerk  Heemskerk

Castle Assumburg or Kasteel Assumburg is a medieval citadel constructed in the late 15th century on a site of an older 13th century stronghold. Despite its formidable size and appearance it wasn't intended as a strategic military fortress. Instead it was designed as a well protected private residence. Its thin walls and numerous windows allow plenty of light and make the interior of the manor very attractive. In 1546 its current owner Gerrit van Assendelft reconstructed his residence. In the 20th century abandoned residence was turned into a youth hostel that is open to this day.


Assumburg Castle has been a noble residence for many centuries. A large number of different aristocratic families have lived there. After 1867, the castle remained uninhabited. The joinery and the utensils were transferred to Marquette Castle. The environment also lost its old glory: the park around the castle disappeared. From 1911 until January 15, 2016 it was owned by the State. Castle Assumburg was transferred to the state for one guilder with the obligation to restore the castle. The restoration commissioned by the Government Buildings Agency was finally completed around 1980. The nearby orangery was restored around 1965. In 1933 the Assumburg got its destination as a youth hostel.

With the exception of a limited opening during the Heritage Days, the castle itself is not publicly accessible. Next to the castle is the nature and recreation park Assumburg, which was built in 2003. From 2009, the 18th century castle garden was restored to its original state and opened to the public in 2011. The castle garden includes a fruit orchard, a rosarium, a vegetable and herb garden and a large formal area with a garden pond. This monument was transferred to the National Monuments Organization on 15 January 2016.