Chateau Marquette (Heemskerk)



Marquettelaan 34

Heemskerk, North Holland

Tel. 025 125 70 25


Decription of Chateau Marquette

Château Marquette today stands on a former site of a medieval castle that was constructed in 1225 by Count William II against attacks of West Frisians. At the time it was known as Huys Heemskerck. In 1612 castle was transformed into a private residence by Daniel Marquette who also named it after himself. Historic manor changed many owners. Today it was converted into a hotel open to the public.


The House to Heemskerk dates from the period around 1250. The roundel was part of a long chain of castles for defense during the West Frisian Wars. It was inhabited by the Lords of Heemskerk, who exercised administration and jurisprudence in the craftsmanship Heemskerk and Castricum. The Lords of Heemskerk regularly conflicted with neighboring Gentlemen and with the farming population. In 1358 the Slot Heemskerk was besieged by Dirk van Polanen. Wouter van Heemskerk capitulated after eleven weeks. In 1380 the family got the lock back, but without the rights. In 1426 the castle was pillaged by Kennemer farmers under the leadership of Willem Nagel. Later in the 15th century it came into the possession of the Heren van Assendelft.