Fort Veldhuis (Heemskerk)

Heemskerk Assumburg


Genieweg 1

Tel. 0251- 230670

Open: May- Sep Sun


Description of Fort Veldhuis

Heemskerk Assumburg  Heemskerk Assumburg

Fort Veldhuis is a military fortifications constructed in 1893 as part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam. It housed a small garrison of 310 soldiers who were stationed here. During World War II Veldhuis was quickly overrun during German Blitzkrieg or Lighting War in 1940. Wermacht briefly occupied this military fortress, but were forced to abandoned as the Allies closed on German borders. After the war between 1947 and 1951 Fort Veldhuis was a prison for Netherland collaborators who worked with the Nazi German government. After an internment camp was closed it was turned into an air war museum open to the public.


The Air War Museum is located in Fort Veldhuis. In the fort there is an exhibition of all kinds of objects that have to do with the Second World War. This varies from various drawings and articles to (self-excavated) aircraft parts. A special feature of the fort is the German searchlight depot from the Second World War located in the front ramp. During the restoration, the genie was converted into a home. A secondary battery is located south of the fort. The museum is open every Sunday from May to September. Children up to 8 years old and holders of the Veteran Pass can visit the museum for free.