Roerdalen (Limburgish: Roerdale) is a municipality in Dutch Limburg. The municipality has 20,552 inhabitants (August 1, 2020, source: CBS) and has an area of 93.84 km² (of which 0.47 km² is water).



The municipality was created on January 1, 2007 as a result of municipal reorganization as a merger of the former municipality of Roerdalen with the municipality of Ambt Montfort. The former municipalities of Roerdalen and Ambt Montfort existed from 1991 to 2007. The former municipality of Roerdalen was formed by the former municipality of Melick and Herkenbosch together with Vlodrop. Originally the name 'Melick en Herkenbosch' was retained, but in 1993 the name Roerdalen was chosen. The name can be related to the river Roer and Castle Daelenbroeck.



In earlier centuries there has been hardly any historical connection between Melick and Vlodrop. The reason is that Vlodrop belonged to the Overkwartier of Gelre and was therefore Dutch. Melick belonged to Jülich, and was thus 'German'. Melick and Herkenbosch have kept this Gulik character until the 18th century, after which the area was Prussian for some time.



In the municipality of Roerdalen there are 6 churches (equal to the number of church villages), some of which are national monuments. The 6 Churches in the municipality of Roerdalen are:
Saint Sebastian's Church in Herkenbosch
St. Andrew's Church in Melick
Saint Catherine's Church in Montfort
Basilica of the H.H. Wiro, Plechelmus and Otgerus in Sint Odiliënberg
St. Matthias Church in Posterholt
Saint Martin's Church in Vlodrop

Other religious buildings and relics in the municipality of Roerdalen are:
Cemetery chapel on the cemetery in Melick, formerly the site of the old St. Andrew's church
Burial chapel Geradts-Regout at the cemetery in Posterholt
Chapel of Our Lady in Sint Odiliënberg
Hail Cross in Sint Odiliënberg
Former College St. Ludwig / Kolleg St. Ludwig in Vlodrop Station
Saint Ludwig Chapel in Vlodrop Station
See also the list of field chapels in Roerdalen.

Architecture and monuments
In Sint Odiliënberg is the Romanesque Basilica of the H.H. Wiro, Plechelmus and Otgerus from the 11th century.

The former College St. Ludwig / Kolleg St. Ludwig in Vlodrop Station dates from 1909.

As in many Limburg municipalities, one or more castles and / or ruins can be found in the municipality of Roerdalen. The most important are: Daelenbroeck Castle in Herkenbosch was once a very impressive castle. Now the vaults and outbuildings have been restored. These have been given a catering destination.

In Montfort, the ruin of Castle Montfort is very hidden behind a farm.