Vught is a municipality in the north of the Dutch province of North Brabant, located in the Meierij of 's-Hertogenbosch. The municipality has 26,709 inhabitants (1 August 2020, source: CBS) and has an area of over 34 km² with hardly any water.


Construction of Vught
The municipality consists of the centers of Vught, Helvoirt and Cromvoirt. The modern municipal office is located in Vught on the Secr. van Rooijstraat. It was built from 2003-2006 in the shape of an oval tower. It was designed by Architectenbureau "De Twee Snoeken". The town hall is located in Villa Leeuwenstein, purchased in 1935, which was renovated for this purpose by architect Hendrik Willem Valk.

The old municipal coat of arms of Vught was established in 1817 and shows two churches facing each other. This is because Vught traditionally had two parishes: the Saint Lambert parish and the Saint Peter parish. This motif was also included in the new municipal coat of arms.

Originally the municipality of Vught consisted of the core Vught and the hamlet of Deuteren. During the municipal reorganization of 1933, the municipality of Cromvoirt was dissolved and added to Vught, while Deuteren, north of a discontinued railway line to Waalwijk, was divided into 's-Hertogenbosch. With the closure of the municipality of Haaren on 1 January 2021, the core of Helvoirt will also fall to the municipality of Vught.

The municipality of Vught is in friendship with the municipality of Oranienburg (Germany).

Vught is divided into seventeen official districts.