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Aragonese Castle (Castello Aragonese)

Aragonese Castle 


Location: Ischia Island, Gulf of Naples  Map


Found: First fortification constructed in 474 BC by Hiero I of Syracuse




Description of Aragonese Castle

Aragonese Castle is located on Ischia Island on the Northern tip of Gulf of Naples in Italy. First military fortification on the island of Aragonese Castle were constructed in 474 BC by Hiero I (also known as Gerone and Jerone), ruler of Syracuse. The base of the citadel of Aragonese Castle was chosen effectively. This volcanic rock was incredibly hard to conquer from land and sea alike. It is no wonder that new nations that came here kept this strategic location. In 1441 Alfonso V of Aragon further increased the fortress and replaced former wooden draw bridge with a permanent causeway, thus turning the island into a peninsula. During the Renaissance period Aragonese Fort reached its peak. Rich court invited many poets, artists to live and create here. Even famous Michelangelo visited this stronghold several times.