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Bossea Cave (Grotta di Bossea)

Bossea Cave


  • Location: Bossea Localita, Commune Frabosa Soprana, Piedmont   Map

    Tel. 0174 34 92 40

    Open: Mon- Sat 10am- 4:30am

    Sun & public holidays 10am- 5:30pm

    Closed: Dec 25, 1 Jan

    Prices: Adults 10 Euro

    Children (under 10 yo) 7 Euro

    Tourists /w disabilites Free






Bossea Cave is located in Commune Frabosa Soprana, Piedmont province of Italy. This is the first cave in Italy that was opened to the public in 1874 after it was first discovered and explored in 1840 under supervision of Domenico Mora. Bossea Cave is roughly divided between the upper and lower parts that are separated by Ernestina lake and a waterfall that flows into the lake. Calcium carbonate that is dissolved in the waters of many underground streams created an unique cave with picturesque geological formations. Bossea Cave system measured more than 2 km (1.2 mi) in length. In the concert hall of this underground system you can find a 15,000 year old skeleton of the cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) that once called this cave his home. This animal is currently extinct, presumably due to human hunting.







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