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Emperor's Castle (Castello dell'Imperatore)

Emperor's Castle



Location: Prato, Tuscany    Map

Construction: 1240 by Holy Roman emperor Frederick II Hohenstaufen






Emperor's Castle that is also known as a fortress of Saint Barbara is situated in Prato, Tuscany province of Italy. It was constructed in 1240 by Holy Roman emperor Frederick II Hohenstaufen of Swabia . Thus this explains its name. During medieval times it held the headquarters of the Imperial party and seat of the Imperial Viceroy of Tuscany. Emperor's Castle has an outline of a perfect square with four towers defending its four corners, while another four are situated along its defensive walls. Construction of the Emperor's Castle stopped around 1250 after the old Emperor has died so technically it was not complete. Nevertheless despite centuries of warfare and neglect it is in great condition. Some of the buildings inside the courtyard were demolished, but otherwise it is near original condition.






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