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Fenis Castle (Castello di Fenis)

Fénis Castle



Location: Aosta Valley  Map

Constructed: 13th century

Tel. (+39) 0165 76463



Description of Fenis Castle


Fenis Castle is very unusual medieval citadel located in the Aosta Valley in Italy. Fenis Castle was constructed in the 13th century by Challant family, viscounts of Aosta. Fenis Castle started off as a small keep with walls that defended its garrison. Between 1320 and 1420 the stronghold was increased under supervision of Aymon of Challant and his son Boniface I of Challant. Under the latter a beautiful chapel was added to the complex. Piedmontese painter Giacomo Jaquerio was commissioned to paint the frescoes inside Fenis Castle. Eventually the stronghold lost much of its military importance as technology made it obsolete. It began to serve as a private residence for the lords of Challant until 1716 when its last owner Georges Francois of Challant sold it Count Baldassarre Castellar of Saluzzo Paesana. The complex of Fenis Castle was largely abandoned and utilized for agricultural purposes. Medieval structure was used as a barn, stable and a storage. Only in 1895 the restoration began under supervision of architect Alfredo d'Andrade. Today Fenis Castle is open to the public. It holds a museum under protection of Regional Council.