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Forte Spagnolo

Forte Spagnolo



Location: L'Aquila Province  Map

Constructed: 1528 by Viceroy Philibert of Orange



 Description of Forte Spagnolo


Forte Spagnolo or Spanish Fort is located in L'Aquila Province, Abruzzo region of Central Italy. Forte Spagnolo was constructed in 1528 on the orders of Viceroy Philibert of Orange after unsuccessful rebellion against Spanish rule a year before. The citadel was erected under supervision of Pirro (Pedro) Luis Escriva. Improvement of gun powder required better defenses and thicker walls. Forte Spagnolo walls measure a thickness of 30 meters. Additionally a ditch was dug around the citadel that is 23 meters wide and 14 meters deep. Forte Spagnolo construction ended in 1567 after impoverishment of the city. In 1798 Napoleon Bonaparte led his army into Italy. His troops failed to take on thick defenses. Subsequently fortress was turned into prison. In 1951 the restoration project was undertaken after damages it received during World War II. Today Forte Spagnolo houses the Museo Nazionale d'Abruzzo.









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