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Gran Paradiso National Park

Gran Paradiso National Park


  • Location: Aosta Valley and Piedmont regions  Map

    Area: 239 sq mi (620 sq km)

    Highest peak: 13,323 ft (4,601 m)





Gran Paradiso National Park is located in Aosta Valley and Piedmont regions of North- west Italy. Gran Paradiso National Park covers an area of 239 sq mi (620 sq km). Gran Paradiso National Park is situated on an Italian side of the European Alps. Its history begins in 1856 then Victor Emmanuel, first king of unified Italy designed an area in the mountains as a Royal Hunting Reserve for the Ibex mountain goat. Unfortunately locals have been hunting these beautiful animals to near extinction since its body parts were considered magical talismans against all problems in life. Another Italian king Victor Emmanuel III continued the work of his grandfather by expanding the area and establishing first Gran Paradiso National Park in the history of Italy. Currently there are about 4,000 ibex in the area of the Gran Paradiso National Park.
Gran Paradiso or Grand Paradiso park is easily accessible from Italy, France and Switzerland. There are hotels and restaurants just outside of the park boundaries. The best time to visit Gran Paradiso is from April to October. Families and casual visitors prefer the northern park of the park because of its high mountains, spectacular views and large number of accessible paths as well as places for picnics. If you prefer more rugged tourism and climbing then south part of the national park will suit you better. Campgrounds, shelters and mountain huts are spread all over the area and can be open year round. The park has a web of hiking trails of variable difficulty. Although high tourist concentration in some areas have cause garbage piles and noise pollution that scares all animals away. Gran Paradiso also attracts skiers and snowboarders in winter.











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