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Lucera Castle (Castello di Lucera)

Lucera Castle



Location: Lucera, Foggia Province    Map

Constructed: 1233




Description of Lucera Castle


Lucera Castle is located in Lucera, Foggia Province in Italy. Lucera Castle was constructed in 1233 by Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II. The site of Lucera Castle that was used was a former acropolis left from the Roman times. Much of the masonry was reused to constructed new military fortifications. Lucera Castle held a strategic location overlooking Apulia plain. Many Saracens (Arabs) were moved here from island of Sicily as an imperial policy of pacification of various nations that lived within borders of the Holy Roman Empire. Between 1269 and 1283 Charles I of Anjou improved walls to the citadel. In 1456 Lucera Castle was struck by an earthquake greatly damaging the walls and towers. Military technologies made the castle obsolete. It fell in disrepair and its ancient stones in turn were taken apart for construction of new buildings. In 18th century Lucera fortress was completely abandoned. Since the 19th century the site of Lucera Castle went under protection of the state. Only walls and towers remain standing today.










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