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Miramare Castle

Miramare Castle



Location: Gulf of Trieste     Map

Constructed: 1860 on orders of Maximilian I Emperor of Mexico

Open: 9am- 7pm daily

Tel. +39 040 22443

Entrance Fee: Euro 6, children free





Description of Miramare Castle

Miramare Castle is located on the shores of Gulf of Trieste in North- eastern Italy. It is a short 10 km drive North- west of Trieste center. Miramare Castle was finished in 1860 on orders of Austrian Archduke and future emperor of Mexico Maximilian I who belonged to the House of Habsburg and a younger brother of Emperor of Austria, Franz Joseph. It is surrounded by 22 hectares of gardens that are open to the public. The legend claims that young prince was caught in a violent storm in the Gulf of Trieste. He managed to find a safe haven in a small harbor of Grignano. He decided to erect his private residence on the rock cliff in the place where he was saved.