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Rocca Sanvitale

Rocca Sanvitale



    Location: Fontanellato, Parma Map

    Constructed: 13th- 15th century

    Open: Oct- March 9:30- 11:45am and 3- 6:15 pm Tue- Sun




Description of Rocca Sanvitale or Sanvitale Castle

Rocca Sanvitale or Sanvitale Castle is a medieval castle surrounded by a moat in the city of Fontanellato, Parma region of Italy. Rocca Sanvitale or Sanvitale Castle was constructed in 13th- 15th century by the orders of Count of Sanvitale. Initially the citadel was a designed as a protected residence for the counts, his families as well as borders of the former Duchy of Parma and Piacenza. However over time it lost much of its military use due to changing technologies of gun powder. Eventually Rocca Sanvitale became simply a rich and impressive house of the counts. Many of the walls inside Rocca Sanvitale are covered by beautiful frescoes.
One of the masterpieces is the frescoes of Diane and Acteon that was painted by Parmigianino in 1523- 24. He did his work for the Count Galeazzo Sanvitale and his wife Paolo Gonzaga. It depicts ancient Roman myth of Diane, goddess of hunters. She fell in love with beautiful mortal Acteon, but young man refused her life. Vengeful goddess turned him into a deer and his own dogs chased and ripped him apart into pieces. Sanvitale Castle was in possession of the Sanvitale family until 1948 when it was sold to the municipality. It was turned into a museum. Today Rocca Sanvitale open to the public.









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