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Segesta (Εγεστα or Αίγεστα)




Location: Trapani Province Map

Tel. 0924 95 58 41

Open: 9am- 6pm daily

Winter: 9am- 4pm daily




Segesta is one of the best preserved ancient archeological sited in Italy located in Trapani province. The legend goes that Segesta was constructed in the 13th century BC by Trojan hero Aeneas for his king Egesta or Atsesta. Hero subsequently named this city in honor of his monarch. Another Greek myth suggests that Greek colonists from Philoctetes found the city. Whatever might be the real origin, the location for Segesta was chosen wisely. It is situated on confluence of two rivers Scamander and Simoentom. The wealth of the settlement became too tempting and in 307 BC it was captured by Agathocles and completely destroyed. Most of Segeste residents were sold into slavery. General Agathocles subsequently rebuild the city and renamed it Dikeopolis. During expansion of the Roman Republic the city became part of the Republic and saw dramatic increase in wealth and construction of public buildings. Despite centuries of neglect many of the buildings are in excellent state of preservation.









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