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Sirmione Castle

Sirmione Castle



    Location: Sirmione, Lombardy  Map

    Constructed: 13th century

    Tel. 030 91 64 68

    Open: Tue- Sun





Description of Sirmione Castle

Sirmione Castle is located in a commune of Sirmione, Lombardy region of Italy. Sirmione Castle was constructed in the 13th century on a strategic Sirmio peninsula on the lake Garda on a site of the settlement that was occupied intermittently since the 6th millennia BC. Poet Catullus described the settlement and praised its beauty and magnitude. During Ancient Roman period a Sirmione Fortress was erected here to defend surrounding lands. It didn't stop the barbarian Lombard tribe that settled here and further increased their defenses. The construction of a new medieval stronghold began around 1259 by the orders of Mastino I della Scala. Around that time the Sirmione Castle became a safe haven for the Patarines, heretics that wanted to reform Roman Catholic Church and its way of life. One of the advantages of having a protected harbor is ability to flee enemies on light and quick ships across the lake. Sirmione Castle lost much of its military importance by the early 16th century, although its living quarters were used as a barrack for the small military garrison. Today Sirmione Castle is turned into a museum under supervision of Superintendency of Architectural Monuments.









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