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Swabian Castle (Castello Normanno-Svevo)

Swabian Castle


Location: Bari   Map

Constructed: 1132 by Norman king Roger II




History of Swabian Castle

Swabian Castle is located in Bari region of Italy. It was constructed in the 13th century. Over subsequent centuries Swabian Castle kept its military significance. It was modernized and increased several times. Swabian fortress construction started in 1132 by orders of Norman king Roger II. Its defensive fortifications were later expanded by the Holy Roman emperor Frederick II  Hohenstaufen (aka Antichrist) between 1233 and 1240. Swabian Castle saw many reconstructions and improvements to face new challenges of military technology including withstanding cannon fire. But you can see older medieval portions in the basement of the fortress. Today the castle is open to the public. Swabian Castle houses headquarters of the Superintendency for Environmental, Architectural and Historic Heritage in Puglia as well as Gallery of Plaster Casts.









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