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Sybaris (Sibari) Σύβαρις

Sybaris (Sibari) Σύβαρις




Location: Calabria   Map




Description of Sybaris


A modern small town can not be compared to the ancient Sybaris. It is located on the southern coast of Calabria, not far from Taranto. Greeks found the original city of Sybaris as a colony in 720 BC, but soon the city flourished and expanded quickly. Luxury and wealth of its citizens of Sybaris became so legendary that it gave us word “Sybaritic” today that describes lavish and extravagant lifestyle. In fact Crotone citizen got so jealous at the Sybaris’ wealth that it attacked and sacked beautiful city. A legend states that the horses of the city were taught to dance to music tunes for the sake of the amusement of their riders. Then Crotoniats found out about this weakness they brought musicians along with his army. Then the horses heard the tune they started to dance instead of attacking the enemy army. With the dancing cavalry out of way Crotoniats easily smashed the infantry with less festive horses and finished off the army of the Sybaris. Ruins of the ancient city of Sybaris today are known as park of the horses. Unfortunately much of wealth was stripped and the city with its people sold into slavery did not recover.








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