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Torrechiara Castle

Torrechiara Castle

Torrechiara Castle is located in the commune of  Langhirano of Parma region of Italy.



  • Location: Langhirano, Parma  Map


    Constructed: 1413-1482 by Pier Maria II Rossi, count of San Secondo


    Open: Nov- Feb 9am- 4:30pm Tue- Fri

    10am- 5pm Sat

    March- Oct 8:30am- 7:30pm Wed- Sat


    Closed: Mondays, Dec 25, Jan 1


    Entrance Fee: 3 Euro


    Tickets: +39 0521355255

    Tourist Office: 0521355009




Description of Torrechiara Castle


Torrechiara Castle was constructed in 1413-1482 by the orders of Pier Maria II Rossi, count of San Secondo. Although Torrechiara Castle served as a military fortress to protect strategic high ground the true reasons for its construction was more romantic. Pier Maria Rossi erected this walled protected residence for her lover Bianca Pellegrini. He even ordered construction of a special bedroom named Golden Chamber (Camera d' Oro) in the Tower of the Golden Chamber (Torre della Camera d'Oro) after leafs of gold that once adored its walls. In the time of no cheap motels it was the best way to spend quality time away from official families and friends. Many of the rooms inside the Torrechiara Castle are covered with beautiful frescoes from the time of Renaissance. Most of them have a common theme of eternal love and loyalty. One of the rooms have depiction of two hearts with Latin words "Digne et in aeternum" or "worthy and ever". While another inscriptions states "Nunc et Semper" or "now and forever".


The inner Torrechiara Castle is protected by four large square tower. This includes Tower of the Golden Chamber, Tower of the Lion (Torre del Leone) which also served as a keep and had Rossi's family coat of arms depicting lion, Tower of the Lily (Torre del Giglio) and finally Tower of Saint Nicomede with a chapel inside dedicated to the saint. An extra wall was later added to protect the base of the stronghold. Spectacular view of the valley below open from these military fortifications. It is no wonder that in 1985 several scenes of Ladyhawke (staring Michelle Pfeiffer, Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer) were shot here.

Haunting in Torrechiara Castle

Torrechiara Castle is also considered as one of the most haunted castles in Italy. Locals claim that every full moon you can see a ghost of a beautiful duchess that roams the empty hallways and towers of the Torrechiara citadel. She is offering kisses to the men that she meets. As most legends go, those who get kissed by the dead girl usually die soon thereafter. Local legends also claim that the dead woman also looks and can't find her husband who buried her alive for her extramarital affair. Apparently it happened long time ago before the ingenious invention of a divorce.









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