Beaulard (or Belardi) is a fraction of the municipality of Oulx in the metropolitan city of Turin. The town is located in the valley floor along the Dora di Bardonecchia at 1,175 meters above sea level. It has been part of the municipality of Oulx since 1928, when it was suppressed as an independent municipality. It has a train station along the Turin-Bardonecchia railway line.

A cycle-pedestrian path (Nature Trail) connects the town with Bardonecchia on one side and with Oulx on the other.

Until the 1992-1993 winter season, Beaulard owned a small ski area, which had five lifts at the time of maximum expansion.

Beaulard was the birthplace of Joseph Chalier, a leading figure of the French Revolution, who ended up on the gallows in 1793.



The land around Beaulard is mostly mountainous, but immediately surrounding it are hills. Beaulard is located in a valley. The highest point in the area has an elevation of 2,701 meters and is 3.3 km southwest of Beaulard. There are about 11 people per square kilometer around Beaulard with a small population. The nearest larger town is Bardonecchia, 5.8 km northwest of Beaulard. The area around Beaulard is almost completely covered in mixed forest. In the region around Beaulard, mountains are remarkably common.

The climate of the continent. The average temperature is 3 ° C. The warmest month is July, at 15 ° C, and the coldest December, at −8 ° C. The average rainfall is 1,432 millimeters per year. The wettest month is November, with 235 millimeters of rain, and the wettest August, with 69 millimeters.



Beaulard station

Beaulard station is a railway stop located on the Frejus line, serving Beaulard, a hamlet in the municipality of Oulx. On July 10, 1912, the operation with three-phase alternating current electric traction was activated; the station was converted to direct current on May 28, 1961. The station was transformed into a stop in the 1990s following the installation of the automatic block and the automation of the level crossing.

Structures and systems
The stop has a passenger building that is completely closed to users. The movement manager was located on the ground floor; a part of it extruded with a glass and iron cabin on the platform of track 1. On the wall near the entrance, near the underpass, there is a validation machine and an information panel for users.

The stop has only two running tracks of the line, each served by its own platform and connected by an underpass.

Turin metropolitan railway service
SFM line 3
The station is served by regional trains operating on line 3 of the Turin Metropolitan Railway Service, operated by Trenitalia under the service contract stipulated with the Piedmont Region, for Bardonecchia and Turin.

The station, which RFI classifies in the bronze category, does not have any services.