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Cascata delle Marmore (Marmore Cascade, Marmore Falls)

Cascata delle Marmore

Cascata delle Marmore is located 8 km from Terni in Umbria province of Italy. This magnificent waterfall consists of a series of cascades with a total height of 165 meters with a highest drop measuring at 83 meters. The cascades at a cliff near a community of Marmore are a human creation.




Location: 8 km from Terni, Umbria   Map


Height total: 165 meters

Highest drop: 83 meters

Created: 271 BC by Roman consul Manlius Curius Dentatus


Open: 11am- 1pm and 3-5 pm daily


Official site


Ticket Fee

Full: 7 Euro

Children (6- 12 years): 5 Euro

Kids under 6: Free



History of Cascata delle Marmore


Beginning of Cascata delle Marmore date back to the Ancient Roman times. Ancient Romans diverted flow of Velino river to create this marvel in 271 BC during consulate of Manlius Curius Dentatus. It was done to empty the wetlands around the ancient city of Rieti to solve the problem of malaria carrying mosquitoes that bred in the marshlands. However this diversion of Cascata delle Marmore brought about a new problem. During spring months the new course of water threatened another city of Terni. This led to legal mitigation between the two cities in the Roman Senate in 54 BC. Cicero represented the city of Terni and city of Rieti was represented by Aulus Pompeius. Roman senators refused to give any conclusive answers to complaints so the Cascata delle Marmore waterfall remained in place. Over time the canal (Curiano Trench) was overgrown and covered in geological deposit thus decreasing the water flow. Re- emerging marshes brought back the problem with malaria.


In 1422 Pope Gregory XII ordered cleaning of the trench that became known as a Gregorian or a Rieti Trench. Later it was expanded and cleaned again under Pope Paul III in 1545 and became known as a Pauline Trench. Today the waters of the Cascata delle Marmore waterfall are used to power a hydro plant. It opens its valves to release water between 11am and 1pm and again between 3pm and 5pm. During holidays these hours are extended. In order to get to the water falls you will have to pay a small fee. The site has many trails around the Cascata delle Marmore or Marmore Falls of variable lengths and difficulty.










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