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Tarpeian Rock (Rome)

Tarpeian Rock (Rome)






Description of Tarpeian Rock

Tarpeian Rock (Rome)

Location: Via di Monte Caprino and Via del Tempio di Giove


The Tarpeian rock is located on the southern end of Capitol Hill. In the Roman times this place the site where murderers, thieves, traitors and other criminals were executed. The rock was named after the young woman Tarpeia, daughter of Spurious Tarpeius, who participated in defending the city from the Sabinean tribes (the ancient Italian people who lived in the modern administrative districts of Lazio, Umbria and Abruzzo, in the foothills of the Apennines northeast of Rome).

According to one legend, the first inhabitants of Rome were predominantly men. Soldiers, criminals, workers and other groups settled here. Mostly they were men. The Romans decided to pack up and raid Sabine settlements and steal their women. The Sabines were enraged by the betrayal of the Romans. Tarpeia promised to betray her compatriots for gold and made them an offer. They had to give the woman everything that they wore on their left hand, that is, rings, bracelets, etc. They fulfilled their promise by throwing at her everything that was on their left hand, including heavy shields. The woman died by the weight of heavy shields.

The war between the Romans and Sabin had an unexpected end. Sabine women, who had already given birth to children from their Roman husbands, asked their brothers and fathers to stop the war and release the fathers of their children. Women asked to stop the war, because in any case they would have lost their husbands or their relatives. The war ended, but since then the Tarpeian rock has become a symbolic place to kill all the traitors to Rome.








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