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Bauska Castle (Bauskas Pils)

Bauska Castle




Location: Bauska, Zemgale   Map

Tel. 6392 3793

Official site

Open: May- Oct: 9am- 7pm daily




History of Bauska Castle

Bauska Castle is a medieval fortress situated in Bauska, Zemgale region of Latvia. The military defenses are established on the confluences of Musa and Memele rivers. Strategic location of Bauska Castle have been settled since 1000 BC by the humans. In 1443 the Order of Livonian Knights established a well defended castle here to protect conquered lands. It was further remodelled in the 16th century by the first Duke of Curland, Gothard Kettler as a private residence. During the Great Northern War in 1702 the Bauska Castle was destroyed and remained in ruins until 20th century. Currently it undergoes archaeological digs and careful restoration to preserve its integrity.











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