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Cēsis Castle

Cēsis Castle



Location: Cēsis  Map

Construction: 1209




Description of the Cesis Castle


Cēsis Castle or Wenden Castle in German is a medieval castle located in Cēsis region of Latvia. Cesis Castle was constructed on the left bank of Gauja River in 1209 by Livonian Brothers of the Sword. It was intended to protect conquests of the Crusaders in the lands they recently conquered. It served as an official residence of the Order's Master from 1237 till 1561. Its walls measured a thickness of 4.7 m. During Livonian War with Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible sent an army to take the citadel. Remaining defenders of the castle blew themselves up in the Western Tower, destroying Western military fortifications so it would not fall to the enemy forces. Cēsis Castle was partially reconstructed in 1582 by the Poles who also established Catholic bishopric with a centre here. The castle was finally destroyed by the Russian armies in 1703 during Great Northern War. It was abandoned and was not used ever since.











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