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Jaunpils Castle

Jaunpils Castle




Location: Zemgale region  Map

Constructed: 14th century

Tel. 6310 7082

Open 10am- 6pm Mon- Fri

Official site




Jaunpils Castle or SchloƟ Neuenburg in German is a medieval citadel in Zemgale region of Latvia It was constructed in 1311 by Master of the German branch of the Livonian Order, Gottfried von Roga. In the 15th century the order added a tower to improve the defences. Jaunpils Castle was intended to defend South border of Lithuania from the growing power of Moscow principality, but a threat came from the North. Swedish armies heavily damaged its military defences during Thirty Years' War. In the 17th century the castle lost its military significance and it was reconstructed as a manor house. It was badly damaged inn the Russian Revolution of 1905, but it was quickly fixed under supervision of architect Wilhelm Bockslaff. Today Jaunpils Castle is reconstructed and turned into a hotel.









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