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Mežotne Palace

Mežotne Palace



Location: Zemgale Map

Constructed: 1797- 1802 by Charlotte von Lieven

Tel. 6396 0711

Open: 9am- 5pm daily

Official site

Charlotte von Lieven

(1742- 1828)




Mežotne Palace is a neo- Classical private residence situated 70 km from Riga, in Zemgale region in Latvia. It was constructed in 1797- 1802 by Charlotte von Lieven (1742- 1828), teacher and governess of grandchildren of Russian Empress Catherine II the Great including Emperors Alexander I and Nicholas I. The architects of the manor were Giacomo Quarenghi and Johann Gottfried Adam Berlitz. English style landscape that was very popular at the time surround the residence. Ironically von Lieven spent only one night here due to her life at the Royal Palace in Saint Petersburg. She nevertheless was buried here. The residence was badly damaged during World War I and subsequent Russian Civil War. Last private owner of the castle, Anatol Lieven, lost the manor in 1927, when independent Latvia nationalized it, or as they put it "took under protection". Today Mežotne Palace is reconstructed and turned into a hotel that can house 36 people.