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Slītere National Park

Slitere National Park



Location: Talsi District, Kurzeme Region  Map

Area: 264.9 km²

Tel: +371 63200855




Slītere National Park is located in Talsi District, Kurzeme Region in Latvia. It covers 265 km² of untouched broadleaf forest and sand dunes (kangari in Latvian) on the Baltic Sea coast. It is inhabited by numerous species of birds and animals that include Elks, Lynxes, Wolves, Rabbits and many others. On the coast of the Baltic Sea you can encounter Grey or Ringed Seal. These animals occasionally venture on dry land. It is better to watch them at a distance. As soon as they notice human presence they usually flee in the sea. They are several species of turtles and lizards as well as copperheads that are fairly poisonous to humans. Historic Slītere Lighthouse situated on its territory is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. It was constructed on the Blue Hills in 1849- 50. It is second oldest lighthouse in the country, but also highest above sea level at an elevation of 82 m. It is inactive today and serves the needs of tourists. Here you can observe surrounding lands and get information the National Park. There are 14 different trails for hiking, skiing, or cycling in the forest.











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