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Tervete Nature Park




Location: 75 km (47 mi) South of Riga

Info: pagasta eka, 6376 3472

Anna Brigadere Museum

Spridisi Tel. 2653 2691

Open: May- Oct: 10am- 5pm Wed- Sun

Tervete History Museum


Tel. 2989 6804

Open: May- Sep: 10am- 5pm Tue- Sun




Tervete Nature Park is situated 75 km (47 mi) South of Riga in Latvia. It only takes about one hour to get from the Latvian capital. The paths are well marked and easy to follow. Most of the Tervete Nature Park lies in the pine forests. Some of the trees are over 300 years old. Additionally to clean and healthy air the forest might be interesting to the kids. The natural park contains several playgrounds with fairly tale houses and sculptures. Additionally you can find historic medieval ruins of the Dobele Castle as well as ancient castle mounds. Another popular destination in the Tervete Nature park is a Swans Lake. Boats are available for rent if you feel like exploring the quiet banks of the lake. Additionally you can spend the whole day fishing, bird watching or swimming. Most of the tourists try to make here during Zemgalians Festival and Craftsmen Fair that are held here annually.











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