Daugavpils is a city in Latvia, one of the nine cities of national importance in the country. Its total area is 72.48 km2 and the population in 2020 was 82,046. It is the second largest city in Latvia in terms of population after Riga. Daugavpils is located in Latgale, in the southeast of the country by the Daugava. The city is located on the southeastern edge of the lowlands of eastern Latvia. Most of the city is located on the bed of the ancient Daugava, which is narrow in its territory. The city is located on both banks of the Daugava. The length of the river in the city is about 16 km. Daugavpils is the largest city in Latgale planning region, an industrial and educational center, as well as an important cultural, sports and recreation center. The city is also an important center of socio-economic development in the Baltics.

It was first mentioned in historical sources in 1275, while city rights were granted in 1582. During its existence, the city had several names: Dinaburg (until 1893), temporarily Borisoglebsk (1656–1667) and Dvinsk (1893–1920). In 1956, the city of Grīva was added to Daugavpils on the left bank of the Daugava.

The current chairman of Daugavpils City Council is Igors Prelatovs. Daugavpils City Council has 15 deputies who are elected in municipal elections for four years. The city has Daugavpils University, branches of several Riga universities, 7 vocational schools and 16 general education schools. The Consulates General of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus are located in Daugavpils.

The administrative territory of the city is divided into several districts. There are 20 neighborhoods on the right bank of the Daugava (including the city's historic center and Daugavpils Fortress). The territory of Daugavpils city completely borders with Daugavpils region. Daugavpils railway station is located 218 km from Riga, while the distance to Riga on the A6 motorway is 232 km. The distance to the Lithuanian border is 25 km, to the Belarusian border 35 km, and to the Russian border 120 km.