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Central Market (Riga)









Description of the Central Market

Central Market is situated South of the Train Station in five massive hangars. It was moved here in 1930's and steadily grew ever since. It offers a wide selection of produce for the local citizens of Riga. Historically the Central Market was formed in the early 14th century near Dome Cathedral as it was the center of life for the citizens of the town. However in 1570's it moved closer to the river for easier access to trading vessels that came and left Riga. In the early 20th century usual trading routes along rivers gave way to rail roads so the Market moved to its present location.


Central Market of Riga is one of the most remarkable structures of the twentieth century in Latvia and was included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, together with the Historic Center of Riga in 1998. It was conceived from 1922 and goes Constructed between 1924 and 1930. The main structures of the market are five pavilions constructed by the reuse of the old German Zepelín hangars and the incorporation of Neoclassic and Art Deco styles. The market has 72.300 square meters and more than 3,000 commercial stands. The corporation Rīgas Centrāltirgus is currently the owner on behalf of the municipality of Riga and the President of the Board since 2010 is Anatolijs Abramovs. For now, due to the expansion of supermarkets, the Central Market is in the process of change and is seen as a place of cheap shopping in Riga, however, the City Council of Riga has expressed the priority of preserving the market's mission and its cultural value. The main objective of the Board of Directors of the company is to increase the number of clients.








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