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Museum of the Occupation (Riga)

Museum of the Occupation (Riga)




Strēlnieku laukums 1

Open: 11am- 5pm May- Sept

Closed: Mon Oct- Apr, holidays




Description of Museum of the Occupation

Museum of the Occupation (Riga)

Museum of the Occupation is devoted to occupation of Latvia by Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. It has recreations of the barracks that once housed Latvian nationalists who were sent to Siberia. Museum was built in 1970 as a museum of Latvian Red Riflemen in the composition of the Memorial Museum-monument to the Latvian Red Riflemen. Red Riflemen were ethnically Latvians who participated in a Russian Revolution of 1917. Although in modern day Latvia this fact is largely ignored. Architect Gunar Lusis-Grinberg - together with the creators of the monument to Latvian shooters was awarded the State Prize of the USSR. The museum of the Occupation building divided the surrounding space into two equivalent parts, separating the newly-formed area of ​​the Latvian Riflemen from the medieval Town Hall Square, facing the Daugava. The facade of the building is faced with welded copper plates, looks strictly and concisely. The texture of the material and the methods of its processing are typical for the style techniques of Soviet architecture of the 70s. The exhibition of the museum temporarily moved to Boulevard Raina 7 due to ongoing repairs in the main building of the museum.


In early 2017, the museum's archive numbered 60,000 items. Many of them were donated to the museum by people who survived the occupation and wanted to preserve the memory of the events of that time. Employees of the museum recorded more than 2,300 video testimonials. This is one of the largest collections devoted to this topic in Europe.









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