Old Warehouses (Riga)


Vecpilsētas iela


Description of the Old Warehouses

Old Warehouses are a group of industrial structures that date back to the 16th and 17th century. Walking 15 minutes from the center of the Old Town along the Daugava to the south, there is a block with a creative and historic aura - Spikeru Quarter or Warehouses Quarter with a promenade included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site - the historic center of Riga. Since the 14th century The Spīķeri quarter served as a place for loading and unloading cargo vessels, as well as several warehouses (Hanf - Ambaren or "Heinz Stock" in German) residing in Spīķeri. The warehouse itself or the Spīķeru Quarter appeared in the 19th century. in the second half of the year, when this area was built with homogeneous warehouses. Spikeri red brick houses are 150 years old and they were designed in the 19th century. the finest Baltic architects.