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Powder Tower (Riga)

Powder Tower in Riga










Description of the Powder Tower in Riga

Powder Tower in Riga is one of the last remaining parts of medieval city walls and defence fortifications that once protected the city against the attack from foreign armies and sea pirates. In 1330 the Sandtower (German: Sandturm), the forerunner of the Powder Tower, was first mentioned. In 1515 the tower was converted into canon tower. When Sweden conquered Riga in 1621, the Zandtoren (Sand Tower) was razed to the ground. In 1650 the tower was rebuilt, now as a powder tower. The tower measured 25 meters high and got a diameter of 14.5 meters. The walls were three meters thick. During the conquest of Riga by the Russians in the Great Northern War in the year 1710, the Poder tower was hit by nine cannonballs, which caused almost no damage. Powder Tower has been reconstructed on several occasions and since the seventeenth century it has taken its present name because of the powder that was stored there. Its current aspect dates from 1650. Powder Tower was reconstructed between 1937 and 1940 when it was incorporated into the structure of the Latvian War Museum according to a design of A. Galindoms. It measures 25.6 meters in diameter.








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