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Riga Castle (Riga)

Riga Castle



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Description of Riga Castle

Riga Castle Riga Castle

Riga Castle is a medieval citadel constructed on the banks of the Daugava River. It was erected in 1330, but in 1497- 1515 it was extensively reconstructed. In the 18th century Latvia was conquered by the Russians and the castle was transformed into administration palace of the Riga Governorate. In 1922- 1940 it was an official residence of a President of Latvia. Upon Soviet annexation of the Baltic states it became the house of Council of People Commissars of Latvian SSR (1940- 41). Northern part of the castle became a residence for Young Pioneer Organization of the Soviet Union. Riga Castle was occasionally called as a Pioneer Castle. Today it was transformed back as an official residence of President of Latvia. Additionally it houses Museum of Latvian History and the Museum of Foreign Art.









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