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Saint Peter's Cathedral (Riga)

Saint Peters Cathedral Riga




Skāņu iela

Tel. 2722 9426

Open: 10am- 5pm; Closed on Mondays





Description of the Saint Peter's Cathedral

Riga Saint Peter's Cathedral Riga Saint Peter's Cathedral

Saint Peter's Cathedral is one of the largest and most beautiful Gothic churches in Latvian capital of Riga. The first wooden church dating back to 1209 was a Catholic church, built for popular ceremonies and thanksgiving by the city's burghers, as opposed to the nearby Riga Cathedral, which is reserved for official ceremonies. It is built in the Gothic style of brick, typically Nordic, with three naves and a nearby school. The central part and some pillars date from this time. A clock was installed in 1352. In 1408-1409 a Rostock architect, Johann Rummeschottel, built the inspired choir of the Church of St. Mary of Rostock, according to the orders of the merchant guild of the city. Saint Peter's Cathedral was remodeled between 1456 and 1473 and a bell tower was added.

The facade of the church was rebuilt in baroque style, with three portals in the seventeenth century, and the first arrow. The tower burned on two occasions, in 1666 and in 1721 (because of the lightning). The tower was completely rebuilt between 1741 and 1746. It was struck six times by lightning. It served as a target for German artillery fire and howitzers at the beginning of the war on June 29, 1941. The municipal authorities of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Latvia rebuilt the tower in 1973 and installed an elevator to gain access to the tower (a first platform at 57 m and a second at 71 m) and enjoy the panorama of the city. The Riga region was then a privileged area for tourists from all over the USSR.

The interior restoration continued until 1983. Saint Peter's Cathedral served as a concert hall and exhibition. It has been returned to Lutheran worship nowadays.









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