Seda is a city in North Vidzeme, Strenči district. It borders Jērcēni parish and Plāņi parish. A little south of the city runs the railway line Riga - Valga, on it - the railway station Seda. 3 km south of Sedas is the main A3 motorway. Distance to the county center Strenči - 6 km, to Valmiera - 25 km, Riga - 133 km.

The wide streets with birch alleys and yellow houses of Stalin's classicism in such a clean and concentrated performance can not be found anywhere else in Latvia.

The largest company is the peat company JSC "Seda" (established in 1954), which extracts peat in the Seda moor, but there is a processing and packaging plant in Seda itself. Peat extraction is served by a narrow gauge railway.



Seda was established at the peat factory founded in 1953, in 1954 it acquired the rights of a workers' village. In 1961, Seda acquired the status of an urban village, but in 1991 it was transformed into a city with a rural area.



Seda is located in the plain of the North Vidzeme lowland, Seda. The city is located in a swampy area, to the north of it stretches the Seda moor, where intensive peat extraction takes place. The terrain is flat, the surface height is about 55 m above sea level. The city is located a few kilometers north of the Gauja, to which the waters of the moor and the city's drainage system are discharged by the small Stakļupīte. The river Seda, after which the city is named, is located considerably further - more than 8 km north of the city, on the other side of the Seda moor.


How to get here

Railway transport
The Seda railway stop is located about 300 meters from the city limits. The railway service connects Seda with Riga and Valga, daily two pairs of diesel trains Riga - Valga stop at the station.
There is also a narrow-gauge railway running through the Seda bog and delivering peat to Seda JSC.

Sede is approached by the regional P26 Seda access road connecting the town of Seda with the A3 Inčukalns - Valmiera - Estonian border (Valka) motorway, which is part of the European route E 264.

Intercity bus service
The main routes are Seda - Strenci - Valmiera - Riga; Seda - Valka.