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Cathedral Square (Katedros aikste) (Vilnius)





Bus: 10, 11, 33







Description of the Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square was formed when medieval castle of Vilnius was demolished. Vilnius Cathedral Belfry that stands next to the Cathedral is part of the original military fortifications that was left standing. Another notable feature of the square is the statue of Grand Duke Gediminas that was constructed in 1996. He became famous as fairly diplomatic man who preferred peaceful means of conquering new lands and cities rather than spill blood. Although his pacifistic means didn't always pay up and he was forced to fight battles, he nevertheless was an exceptional leader. He managed to increase his empire with minimal blood shed. The center of the Cathedral Square is taken by a tile that marked stebuklas (miracle). It was the starting point of the Baltic Way, which was a human chain that connected Vilnius (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia) and Tallinn (Estonia) in 1989. Local legend claims that if you stand on the tile and turn three times around all your wishes will come true.







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