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Location: Vilnius County  Map




Description of Vilnius

Vilnius, formerly Vilna, founded by Grand Duke Gediminas, is the capital of Lithuania. With more than 500,000 inhabitants, it is the most populous city in the country. Vilnius was, in 2009, one of the two European capitals of culture with Linz (Austria).

From an architectural point of view, the historic center of Vilnius was fortunate to be spared by two world wars, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, including the embassy district with its typical country façades. northern Europe, rather colorful and often decorated with sculptures. The city is dominated by a beautiful brick tower easily visible because located on a hill overlooking the city. Near it is the Polish cemetery na Rossie, where is the heart of Marshal Józef Piłsudski who ruled Poland between the wars (his body is buried in Krakow).

Having experienced the state economy for half a century, Vilnius has found since 1992 the market economy, hence the buildings of glass and steel under construction whose modernity contrasts with the ancient trolleybuses and with the Gray concrete housing bars from the suburbs, which date back to the Soviet era and contrast with the green landscape of the surrounding countryside. Nevertheless, there are still traditional houses in these areas: they often keep their original appearance, lacking the means of their owners to renovate them.


Travel Destinations in Vilnius

Vilnius Cathedral (Vilniaus arkikatedra bazilika) (Vilnius)

Cathedral Square (Katedros aikste) (Vilnius)



Vilnius Castle Complex

Ducal Palace (Valdovu Rumai) (Vilnius)


Katedros 4

Tel. (5) 212 7476

Bus: 10, 11, 33



Upper Castle (Aukstutine pilis) (Vilnius)


Arsenalo 5

Tel. (5) 261 7453

Bus: 10, 11, 33

Open: May- Sept: 10am- 7pm daily

Oct- Apr: 10am- 5pm Tue- Sun


Applied Arts Museum (Taikomosios dailes muziejus) (Vilnius)


Arsenalo gatve 3a

Tel. (5) 262 8080

Open: 11am- 6pm Tue- Sat

11am- 4pm Sun


Church of Saint Casimir (Sv Kazimiero Baznycia) (Vilnius)


Didzioji 34

Tel. (5) 212 1715

Service: 5:30pm Mon- Fri, 12pm Sun


Town Hall (Vilnius)


Didzioji 31

Tel. (5) 261 8007 and (5) 262 6470

Open: 8am- 6pm Mon- Fri


Holocaust Museum (Holokausto Ekspozicija) (Vilnius)


Pamenkalnio 12

Tel. (5) 262 0730

Open: 9am- 5pm Mon- Thu

9am- 4pm Fri, 10am- 4pm Sun


Church of Saint Catherine (Vilnius)


The Museum of Genocide Victims (Genocido Auku Muziejus) (Vilnius)


Auku 2a

Tel. (5) 249 7427

Open: 10am- 6pm Wed- Sat, 10am- 5pm Sun


Church of Saint Theresa (17th century) (Vilnius)



Saint John's Church (Sv Jono baznycia) (Vilnius)


Universiteto 3/ sv Jono

Tel. (5) 611 795

Open: 10am- 5pm Mon- Sat

Service: 6pm Mon- Sat, 11am Sun


Vilnius University (Vilniaus universitetas) (Vilnius)


Universiteto 3

Tel. (5) 268 7001 and (5) 268 7298

Open: 10am- 5:30pm Mon- Sat


Gates of Dawn (Ausros Vartai) (Vilnius)


Ausros vartu 12

Tel. (5) 212 3513

Service: 7:30am, 9am, 10am, 5:30pm, 6:30pm Mon- Sat

9am, 9:30am, 11am, 6:30pm Sun


State Jewish Museum (Valstybinis Vilniaus Gaono Zydu Muziejus) (Vilnius)


Pylimo 4

Tel. (5) 212 7912

Open: 9am- 1pm Mon- Fri