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Vilnius Cathedral (Vilniaus arkikatedra bazilika) (Vilnius)

Vilnius Cathedral was constructed in 1251 on a site of an ancient pagan temple. It was reconstructed several times and its current look dates back to the late 18th century. It was constructed under supervision of young architect Laurynas Stuoka- Gucevicius in a Baroque style. It has a distinct appearance of the ancient Greek temple.



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Church was closed in 1950 by the Soviet government as an attempt to eradicated religion in the country. In 1956 it was opened as a picture gallery until 1988 when it was reconstructed and returned to the Roman Catholic church. It was re- consecrated in 1989. The oldest part of the cathedral is the crypt that holds remains of two grand dukes and two wives. In 1985 a fresco was discovered here of the crucified Jesus Christ and two women at his feet. It dates back to the 14th century and it is the oldest art in the country.


It is flanked by a Valavicius Chapel. It belonged to the powerful Valavicius family those members served as governors of the city and bishops of Vilnius. It dates to the 17th century. On another site of the cathedral there is a Saint Casimir Chapel that was erected in 1623- 36. It was dedicated to Saint Casimir who lived in 1458- 84. He was a second child of King Casimir IV. While other members of the family devoted their time to politics and lavish lifestyle, Casimir spent of the his time in praying in the cathedral and helping poor citizens of his country. Unfortunately his life was cut short at the age of 25, when he died from tuberculosis. Many people came to his grave site to pray for help. Several people were cured from their diseases and conditions that were credited to the young royal.