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Samuil's Castle

Samuil's Castle




Location: Ohrid Map

Constructed: 11th century





Samuil's Castle located in a town of Ohrid was an original capital of the First Bulgarian Kingdom during reign of King Samuil. Although the first military fortifications here were constructed in the 4th century BC by Phillip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great. Titus Livy called this city Lihnidos in the 3rd century BC and described its walls as mighty and well defended. Apparently it was a major citadel at the time able to withstand major sieges. It became handy as a Roman Empire began to fall apart barbarian tribes flooded into a region. In 479 armies of Goths under leadership of king Theodore tried to capture it and failed despite numerous advantage. Slavs settled here and eventually formed their country that became known as a Bulgarian Kingdom. King Samuil turned into his capital and greatly strengthened military fortifications of citadel's defences in the early 11th century. Most of population of the medieval Ohrid used to live within the walls of the Samuil's Castle. With the arrival of the Ottoman Turkish armies the city grew in size and Ohrid's citizens settled at the base of the hill, leaving medieval walls behind. Today the fortress is open to the public. It is well reconstructed and well maintained, however be careful when you climb walls and towers of the medieval structure.










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