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Ġgantija Temple

Ġgantija Temple



Location: Gozo   Map

Open: 9am- 5pm daily




Description of Ggantija Temple Complex

Ggantija Temple Complex located on an edge of Xagħra plateau on the island of Gozo was constructed in 4000- 3000 BC. Ggantija Temple Complex is one of the oldest man made structures in the World and certainly one of the oldest megalithic religious temples. The size of boulders of the Ggantija Temple Complex kept the layout and general appearance of the religious complex almost intact despite centuries of abandonment. Ggantija consists of two temples under one roof. Their entrance faces the south east. This arrangement is constant in other megalithic structures on islands of Malta, however there is no definitive theory that would explain the purpose or the meaning of this direction. Its blocks reach a height of 7.5 meters in places, each weighting up to 50 tons. Numerous round stones found on the site of Ggantija Temple Complex and around its periphery were used as rollers to bring massive slabs to the construction of the temple. The interior of the Southern temple consists of a limestone corridor with plastered walls leading to a the five apses where altars once stood for animal sacrifices. The North temple is smaller and contains four apses.











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