Ålesund municipality is a municipality in Møre og Romsdal county. On 1 January 2020, the former municipalities of Ålesund, Skodje, Ørskog, Haram and Sandøy became Ålesund municipality. An exception was the island Orten in the former Sandøy municipality, which was transferred to Aukra.

Prior to the merger in 2020, Ålesund municipality included Ålesund (city) and large parts of the former Borgund municipality on several islands within. The most populous part of the municipality is located at the far end of the fjord systems on Sunnmøre and is a service and communication hub for the region. The municipality also includes the North Islands outside Romsdalsfjorden. The municipality has a large and export-oriented business community.

Ålesund municipality now has about 66,290 inhabitants.


Establishment of a new Ålesund municipality
On 1 January 2020, the then Ålesund, Skodje, Ørskog, Haram and Sandøy municipalities became Ålesund municipality. An exception was the island Orten in Sandøy municipality, which was transferred to Aukra.

The municipality is governed by a popularly elected municipal council and chairmanship. The municipal council is Norway's largest with 77 members. The municipal council has overall responsibility for the municipality's activities and will mainly concentrate on important and strategic tasks. The presidency has 15 members and makes decisions or advises on decisions to the municipal council.



The municipality is the largest public transport hub in the county, and figures from 2016 show that around two million passengers get on or off a bus or boat in Ålesund every year.

Ålesund is connected to Europavei 136, which runs from Dombås in Oppland, and connects Sunnmøre with the E6 and Eastern Norway. Europavei 39 between Bergen and Trondheim also runs through the city's inner city districts. Ålesund town is connected to Giske municipality with underwater tunnels, which also connect the district Ellingsøya with the rest of the town. There is talk of introducing a toll ring to improve the city's congested road network.

Ålesund Airport is located at Vigra in Giske municipality outside Ålesund. The airport has daily routes to Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. In addition, there are routes with several weekly departures to Alicante, Gdańsk, Gran Canaria and Nice. There is also significant charter traffic from the airport.

Nordøyvegen is a road connection under construction that will provide a mainland connection to the North Islands in Ålesund municipality (formerly Haram municipality) at the far end of Møre og Romsdal. The road connection has a total length of 37 km and will provide a permanent road connection to 2,709 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2015) on Lepsøya, Haramsøya, Skuløy / Flemsøya, Fjørtofta and Harøya / Finnøya.

Boat, bus and train
Hurtigruten has daily calls at Ålesund from the north side of the city center. In the summer, the Hurtigruten round trip to Geiranger from Ålesund and in the autumn a round trip into the Hjørundfjord.
Tide serves several high-speed boat connections from the center of Ålesund, with boat routes to Hareid, Langevåg, Valderøy, and the North Islands, among others.
Ålesund has a car ferry connection on county road 60 between Magerholm and Ørsneset in Sykkylven. This is one of the county's and the country's busiest ferry routes.
Train buses run from Ålesund to and from most train departures in Åndalsnes to travel further with the Rauma line towards Dombås, Oslo and Trondheim.

The primary school in Ålesund consists of 24 primary schools and 7 secondary schools, as well as some private / independent schools.

Ålesund has five public upper secondary schools as well as a private one with a fairly complete range of fields of study: Ålesund upper secondary school (Also called «Latin school»), Fagerlia upper secondary school, Nørve upper secondary school, Borgund upper secondary school, Spjelkavik upper secondary school and Akademiet Ålesund

Higher education is offered at NTNU in Ålesund, Kunstfagskolen and Fagskolen in Ålesund.