Ås is a municipality in Follo which from 2020 is part of Viken county. The municipality borders Vestby, Frogn and Nordre Follo (formerly Oppegård and Ski) which was in Akershus) and Indre Østfold (formerly Hobøl which was in Østfold).

The administration center for the municipality is on Ås. The towns of Nordby, Vinterbro and Kroer are also part of the municipality. Most of the inhabitants of Ås live in the center of Ås, Vinterbro and Nordby. A resident of Ås historically belongs to Ås parish and is often called åsokning. Local newspapers and Ås municipality like to use Åsborger about the inhabitants.

Ås is a clay settlement with relatively large farms and considerable grain cultivation. The municipality has relatively little industry, and jobs are otherwise dominated by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, formerly the Norwegian University of Agricultural Sciences (NLH). The municipality also has one of Norway's most famous amusement parks, Tusenfryd. Large parts of Ås are cultivated land and forest.



From the Middle Ages, there have been various geographical and administrative divisions that have led to Ås being part of Akershus County, Akershus diocese, Akershus county and Akershus county, until the county reform that came into force on 1 January 2020 led to the municipality becoming a part of Viken county.

Geography and climate
Ås center
The municipality's town hall is located in the center of Ås. Next to the town hall is the culture house with cinema and library. Ås Kino was closed down in 2004, but in 2008 Ås Filmklubb was founded and has since arranged film screenings in the old cinema hall. Rådhusplassen in Ås has a large pool that is in use in the summer. There is also a music pavilion on the grass area that is used for various cultural events. There are also grocery stores, a bank, a doctor's office and hairdressing salons in the center of Ås. It has been built approx. 800 new homes in the center of Ås in recent years.

The town of Nordby
Nordby is the northernmost parish in Ås municipality. It lives approx. 5000 people in and around the place. Nordby has three schools at the lower and middle levels (Sjøskogen school, Solberg school and Nordby school) and one school at the lower secondary level (Nordbytun ungdomsskole).

The village Vinterbro
Vinterbro is a town north of Ås municipality. The amusement park Tusenfryd is located on Vinterbro. The municipality's only shopping center is Steen & Strøm Vinterbro Handelspark with 82 stores. Bus routes 500 (Drøbak / Bekkevold – Oslo) and 520 (Ytre Enebakk / Ski station – Vinterbro connect Vinterbro with Oslo and Ski. On both routes, buses run every 15 minutes most of the operating day (05-01).

The town of Kroer
Kroer is a parish southeast of Ås municipality. Kroer church and local school Kroer school is located in Kroer. Bus line 535 runs between Ås via Kroer to Garder church, with nine departures a day (every hour morning and afternoon), and only on weekdays. There is also a separate line for commuters between Kroer and Oslo which has two departures in the afternoon.

Lake Årungen
Årungen is a lake outside the center of Ås. The lake is 33 meters above sea level, and is on average 8.1 meters deep. The water in Årungen has been very polluted for a number of years, for various reasons. Previously, 107 farms - including 23 farms with livestock - escaped silo juice straight into the sea. In the early 1980s, sewage from Ski and the then agricultural college (now NMBU) were dumped in the lake. In addition, a local potato chip factory dumped its potato peel into the lake in 1989. Such types of discharges no longer occur, but Årungen is still polluted.

Årungen is used today as a rowing stadium and was the place for the NM in rowing in 2005. Årungen is Norway's national rowing stadium.