Bardufoss (Northern Sami: Beardogorži, Kven: Partafossi) is a post office (9325 Bardufoss) and trading center in Målselv municipality, which consists of the three settlements Andslimoen, Andselv and Heggelia. Bardufoss has a total population of 2,244 (1 January 2006, Statistics Norway). Here is Bardufoss Airport, which serves the Mid-Troms region. Europavei 6 goes through Bardufoss.

Bardufoss also has an upper secondary school with most practical subjects such as aeronautical subjects, construction subjects, mechanical subjects and much more, in addition to sports subjects and study preparation subjects. At Rustahøgda, between Andselv and Heggelia, is the junior high school and Næringshagen in Målselv. The Armed Forces College is located here with the management of the Armed Forces 'competence and education center and the Armed Forces' study center with study offers at college and university level. Polarbadet and Bardufosshallen are close by.

Many of those who live at Bardufoss are affiliated with the Armed Forces. The two military camps Rusta and Heggelia, with the common name Bardufoss camp, constitute the military center of gravity in Troms together with Maukstadmoen camp in Øverbygd and Setermoen camp in the neighboring municipality of Bardu. Heggelia clay and Rusta clay are located approx. 500 m apart.

Between Rusta and Heggelia camp is Istindportalen, which is a welfare building for the Armed Forces, with the Welfare Service and equipment depot for the soldiers, as well as a cinema, sports hall and kiosk for civilians. The ice portal also houses a joint library for the Armed Forces and Målselv municipality, as well as the Cultural School in Målselv.

In the center of Bardufoss, Andselv, there are grocery stores, sports shops, bar / club, pharmacy, kiosk, Vinmonopolet and post office. The administration for the Mid-Troms Museum is also located in Sundlia. Near Bardufoss are also the ski resort Myrefjell and Målselvfossen.

At Andslimoen are, among other things, a health center, dental clinic, Haraldvollen, Sami school, the Nortura slaughterhouse, one of the country's largest caravan dealers and several car dealers.