Bryne is a town in Time municipality in Rogaland. Bryne is about 25 minutes by train south of Stavanger, and the statistical settlement (including Kåsen in Klepp municipality) has 12,308 inhabitants as of 1 January 2020, of which 10,576 in Time municipality. The area of the settlement is 5.65 km². Bryne received city status on 1 January 2001, and is among Norway's 50 largest cities.



Bryne was established as Thime Station, one of many station towns along the Jærbanen, which was built in 1878. Prayer houses (Saron, 1878), krambu, industry and dairy were established. An agricultural industry grew up with the production of plows, mowers and forage harvesters. Later, the production of excavators also appeared. Eventually, Bryne grew to become an education center with a dairy school from 1906 and Rogaland Landsgymnas from 1924. In 1921, it was decided in a referendum that Thime Station should change its name to "Bryne". Bryne quickly grew to become the largest town on Sør-Jæren. The name Bryne / comes from Old Norse brown: edge, slope, and wine: meadow, natural meadow; and it agrees well with the place on the hills at the southern end of Frøylandsvatnet. Bryne received city status on 1 January 2001 and is thus among the youngest cities in Norway.