Elverum is a municipality in Østerdalen in the Inland. Elverum borders the municipalities of Åmot in the north, Trysil in the northeast, Våler in the south and Løten in the west.

Elverum municipality covers 1229 km² and large parts of this are covered by forest.

There are 21,086 inhabitants in Elverum municipality, of which 15,248 live in the municipal center Elverum as of 1 January 2017. The municipality has had a steady growth in the population throughout the post-war period. Population growth is due in particular to increased public services, through Sykehuset Innlandet, Høgskolen i Innlandet and the Armed Forces.



Elverum is located in Sør-Østerdal in Østerdalen which is divided by the river Glåma. The municipality consists of a lot of forest, but there are also larger areas and cultural landscapes with agricultural areas in Heradsbygd and Jømna south of the village Elverum. Cultivated area is largely laid on river deposits along Glåma. Further east there are many beautiful mountains and large forest areas with a rich wildlife that is used as hiking areas and for hunting and fishing.

The residential areas in the settlement of Elverum are Hanstad, Mastmoen, Fjeldsetlia, Bryggeriberget, Leiret, Øverleiret, Vestad, Løvbergsmoen, Søbakken, Strandstykket and Strandmoen. The other settlements in Elverum are Jømna, Melåsberget, Sørskogbygda, Hernes, Nordskogbygda, Heradsbygd and Strandbygda.



Elverum has an inland climate with relatively little precipitation, cold winters, hot summers and significant differences between day and night temperatures in the summer. Normal values ​​for the period 1961−1990 are given in the table below.



The reason for the location of Elverum center ("Camp"), is Christiansfjeld fortress. Soldiers came there to settle, and as more came, there were also shopkeepers and salesmen. This formed the basis for population growth.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, several fortifications were built around Elverum.

At Elverum Folk High School on April 9, 1940, the same day that Germany invaded Norway, King Haakon said his famous no to the German envoy Bräuer. And it was here - and in Hamar - that Storting President C. J. Hambro held the last two Storting meetings in freedom on the same day. The meeting resulted in the Elverum power of attorney. On April 11, 19 German bombers destroyed most of the Leiret district. 41 people died. The king and government fled on to Nybergsund in Trysil, which was also bombed.

Elverum declared itself a city on September 30, 1996.



Millennium site
The municipality's millennium site is Rådhusplassen, which was restored in 2007. In the adjacent Elvarheimparken, the Millennium Tree was planted, an ash tree.

The national Norwegian Forest Museum and the district museum Glomdalsmuseet are located on opposite sides of Glomma by Elverum center, respectively in Leiret and Vestad. The museums are connected by bridges to the museum island Prestøya which is owned by the Forest Museum, where there is a large collection of huts, stables, ljørkoier and other forest houses. At the beginning of August, the annual Nordic hunting and fishing days are arranged. The Glomdal Museum has exhibited a significant building mass from Østerdalen and Glåmdalen with traditional buildings. The Glomdal Museum also has a national exhibition on the culture and history of the Tatars, Latjo Drom. The outdoor areas at both museums are suitable for hiking, as well as more culturally and historically oriented activities.

Gallery T v / Tunet Elverum AS (established 2016). Located in Gamle Trysilveg 3b. Permanent sales exhibition with pictures from more than 30 famous Norwegian artists. Own framework workshop and café. www.agena.no/tunet/galleri-t/
Elverum art gallery (moved to Hamar in 2014)
Gallery Nysted, on the old farm Nysted in the center. Base for Elverum Kunstforening. Exhibitions from all corners of Norway. www.elverumkunstforening.no

Other sights
Christiansfjeld fortress


Festivals and activities

Grundsetmartn the first week of March is one of the country's oldest markets, already mentioned in the Faroese saga. Traditionally, this was a meeting place where horses, grain from the flat settlements and colonial goods from the central east were sold or exchanged for leather and other merchandise from the valleys (Østerdalen and Gudbrandsdalen). Today, it is increasingly a market like any other, even though leather and agricultural machinery are still sold.

The festivals in Elverum are held annually in early August. The Youth Symphony Orchestra is a regular feature of the festival.

The volume festival was held annually in Elvarheimsparken and on various club stages in the city. It was arranged in 2018 for the thirteenth and final time.

Starmoen Fritidspark east of the city center houses the Nordic region's largest outdoor go-kart center, 18-hole golf course, trotting track, motocross facility, small airport, the National Center for gliders in Norway, cottage village, and more.

Elverum Handball became league champions in men's handball in the seasons 2012/13, 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2019/20. The team was trained for many years by the current national team manager Christian Berge.