Evje a town, trade center and administration center in Evje and Hornnes municipality in Agder. The settlement has 2,508 inhabitants as of 1 January 2020. Evje was previously its own municipality in Setesdal in Aust-Agder from 1 January 1877 to 31 December 1959.

The former municipality
From 1837, Evje together with Vegusdal formed Evje and Vegusdal presidency district. In 1877, the area was divided into two independent municipalities. Evje municipality then had 870 inhabitants.

Evje was merged with Hornnes on 1 January 1960 into Evje and Hornnes municipality. At the time of the merger, Evje had 1,646 inhabitants.

On 1 January 1986, the area of ​​Lislevand (g no. 125) in Birkenes was added to Evje and Hornnes.

The place
The name Evje is best known to many through service at Evjemoen. The politician Jørgen Løvland (V) is from Evje, and so is Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (KrF).

Evje was a station town by the Setesdal line. Rich mineral deposits have provided the basis for mining for several hundred years and Evje had nickel mines and a nickel refinery. The ore extraction at Evje was the basis for the establishment of the company Falconbridge in Kristiansand.