Fagernes is a town and administration center in Nord-Aurdal municipality in the Inland. Fagernes has 1,968 inhabitants as of 1 January 2020, and is located in Valdres by the Strondafjord - or Strøndafjorden as the water is called locally.

The place is an important tourist center and hub with good communications to Oslo, Gol, Gudbrandsdalen, Jotunheimen and Western Norway. From its establishment in 1906 until 1991, Fagernes Valdresbanen was the terminus. After the Storting decided to close the line, and the last ordinary train went on the track on 31 December 1988, for a period tourist trains were on the line under the auspices of AS Valdresbanen. This association still rents out dressages at Bjørgo (Valdres) and Dokka (Nordre Land Municipality). In 1991, the railway from Fagernes to Leira was removed, and in 2003, the railway between Leira and Bjørgo was removed. A pedestrian and bicycle path has been laid out on the old railway route - and there is a continuous pedestrian and bicycle path to Bjørgo, approx. 19 km. The old station building still stands and here you will now find a souvenir shop. Fagernes Airport, Leirin, was opened in 1987. The airport has had varying traffic and is constantly in danger of losing daily departures, but has had a good occupancy of charter flights. Valdres Folk Museum, one of the country's largest open-air museums, is located at Fagernes.

Avisa Valdres is headquartered in Fagernes. In addition, Valdres Radio's broadcasts air from here.

The town has two schools, Nord-Aurdal Ungdomsskole (NAUS) and Fagernes skole which is the primary school on the site. There are several hotels and accommodations, including Fagernes Hotell, Fagerlund Hotell and Fagernes Camping.

Europavei 16 runs through the town.