Figgjo is a district in Sandnes in Rogaland. Figgjo has grown in the south together with the place Ålgård in Gjesdal municipality, and together they form the settlement Ålgård / Figgjo. Figgjo is best known for the porcelain manufacturer Figgjo AS. The village is located approx. 10 km south of the city center along the E39. In the center of Figgjo are the Joker and Figgjo Autoservice.

The name
Locally, the name is pronounced fiɟɟʝ´o and previously also fiɟɟʝ´å. Figgjo is the name of a farm on Figved in Sandnes which is named after the river Figgjo. The origin is Old Norse Figg which may be related to fat and fit (meadow by water). In the older national language, the name was usually written Figgen, but when the porcelain factory started, it was not allowed to call itself Figgen faience as a factory in Oslo had the same name. To avoid misunderstandings, the factory then took the name Figgjo faience.

Figgjo is also known for its good salmon river, and many have caught a lot of fish here, you do not need a fishing license or agreements to fish in the Figgjo River from Figgjo and south.

The river is protected in accordance with Conservation Plan I for watercourses

Famous people from Figgjo
Kasper Idland - Participated in the heavy water operation in Rjukan.
Torkel Ravndal - Muscle man and entertainer.
Bjarne Berntsen - Head coach for Viking FK.
Birkir Bjarnason - Icelander who came to Figgjo as a child, and today plays football in Aston Villa FC.
Crown Princess Mette-Marit (née Tjessem Høiby) hails from the farm Tjesseim on the mother's side, which is located in the Figgjo district.

Historically, Figgjo is divided into two places, Håland and Figved. Figgjo has largely grown up around the clothing factory DFU and Figgjo AS. DFU attracted workers who settled on Figgjo, but the factory has now been closed down. Figgjo was also a station on the Ålgård line, this lives on as a culture and museum station. The Ålgård line has not been closed, it is ordinary train operation that has been canceled indefinitely. Figgjo district committee made an attempt to be allowed to demolish part of the Ålgård line, this was stopped by the railway authority that owns the track. Sandnes municipality at the culture agency sponsored for several years the operation of the veteran train to Figgjo, most recently in 1999 with over a thousand passengers on a Sunday. The municipality also applied for opportunities to build a bridge over Åslandsveien. The municipality has also set up new traffic signs, built new level crossings and set up guide fences and gates to take care of.