Førde is a former Norwegian municipality. It was the most populous municipality in the former Sogn og Fjordane county. Førde municipality borders in the north to Naustdal, in the east to Jølster, in the south to Gaular and in the west to Askvoll. The inhabitants are called Førdians. The town of Førde had 10,420 inhabitants as of 1 January 2020.


Like other places in Western Norway, Førde is characterized by mountains. The highest point in the former municipality is Grovabreen with 1636 masl. Førde has buildings at the bottom along the Førdefjord on both sides of the fjord. The town of Førde is located at the end of the Førdefjord, and furthermore the landscape is divided into smaller valleys. Two larger lakes are Holsavatnet and Movatnet. Førde town is divided into two by the river Jølstra.

Population pattern
Førde has had strong population growth over the last 40 years. After Førde was designated as a growth center in 1965, large resources were invested in the business community. The population lives mainly in the city of Førde, and the municipality has had an explosive growth compared to other municipalities in Sogn og Fjordane. The town of Førde has 10,420 inhabitants as of 1 January 2020. Sunde is on its way to growing together with the city, and development on Vie has created demand for housing even further away from the city center. The districts are the city center, Haugum, Øyrane, Hafstad, Flatene, Halbrend, Slåttebakkane, Vie, Slåtten, Tefre and Bruland.